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World Bee Day – A great day for our smallest workers

Cheers to the bee, because today is World Bee Day! In an interview with KSG bee tamer Ralf Rehm of “diefirmenbiene.de” , we talk about his work as a beekeeper and why our little corporate hummers are an indispensable part of the ecosystem. Mr. Rehm, to counteract the dangerous decline in the bee population, we

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Interview with Chief Energy Manager Thomas Hojenski: Manufacturing PCBs? There’s a sustainable way to do it!

In Germany, industry accounts for around 31 percent of annual energy consumption. If the energy revolution is to succeed, companies must accept their responsibilities by reviewing and auditing consumption and looking for ways to optimize it. With rising energy prices, this makes sense not only ecologically, but also economically. In addition to consumption, there is

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