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Storing printed circuit boards correctly: the most important tips

Incorrect handling and improper storage of printed circuit boards have fatal consequences. Contamination, moisture and electrostatic charge can irreparably damage printed circuit boards or later electronic assemblies, reduce solderability and affect the electrical test. Absorbed moisture in base materials can cause internal delamination, twisting and warping, or excessive stresses in the through-metallizations. The reason: During

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A look at the roadmap for the European printed circuit board industry

Multifunctional system boards are already state of the art today. Different starting materials, methods and manufacturing processes enable highly specialized circuit carriers: densely packed and/or highly integrated, RF-capable, high-current-capable, heat-optimized and three-dimensional. The current technology roadmap shows what drives and controls the development of PCB technology and where the journey is headed. The development of

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KSG launches pcb-blog

pcb-blog is the name of the new corporate blog of PCB specialist KSG, which has been online since April. Here, everything revolves around the printed circuit board: From application examples and tips for designers to webinars and technical terms to news from the company and the industry, the blog provides valuable know-how. The blog is

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