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The stress test showed how agile and mobile our company is

The printed circuit board manufacturer KSG has mastered the past 18 months with entrepreneurial skill and customer service. The business situation is pleasing and the team has grown to meet the challenges. “We learned three things in the Corona crisis,” says CEO Margret Gleiniger. “Firstly, that we can change ad hoc and that changes are

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Short portrait of the ENAL funding project

ENAL = Use of nano-coated tools in printed circuit board production Approximately ten percent of the manufacturing costs of a printed circuit board are caused by the mechanical manufacturing processes, drilling and milling. The costs for drilling and milling tools play a not insignificant role. Together with KSG, a Saxon project consortium within the framework

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Printed circuit boards with flexibility (Business Forum, August 2021)

Interview with Margret Gleiniger (CEO/CFO) and Swen Klöden (CTO) of KSG GmbH and Kornel Schmidt, Managing Director of KSG Austria GmbH Made in Europe’ is anything but a matter of course when it comes to the manufacture of printed circuit boards. KSG GmbH manufactures a wide range of printed circuit boards for the international market

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Qualification incl. UL listing Panasonic Megtron 6 successfully completed

KSG has received UL listing for the production of unpopulated printed circuit boards with the high-frequency material Megtron 6 after successfully passing UL testing of the sample sets. From now on we are authorized to apply the identifier “M6” for multilayer boards with Megtron 6 material (and analogously “S6” for double-sided boards). As one of

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Storing printed circuit boards correctly: the most important tips

Incorrect handling and improper storage of printed circuit boards have fatal consequences. Contamination, moisture and electrostatic charge can irreparably damage printed circuit boards or later electronic assemblies, reduce solderability and affect the electrical test. Absorbed moisture in base materials can cause internal delamination, twisting and warping, or excessive stresses in the through-metallizations. The reason: During

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