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KSG Support Line: The team behind extension -555

Group picture Technical Support

When extension 555 is called at KSG, the four phones of Dirk Deiters, Thomas Doberitzsch, Johann Hackl and Uwe Meyer ring simultaneously. Whoever picks up first has the caller on the line, quickly and easily answering questions like, “Can you help me choose the right PCB base material for my new application?”, “What are the current design rules for BGAs?” Or, “Can you help me design my circuit board?”. This sometimes involves standard solutions, but often also very creative and unusual ideas. It’s a good thing that our customer-experienced technicians with their immense PCB know-how live the constant exchange of knowledge and have a large network of internal and external knowledge carriers at their disposal. Because sometimes it is quite tricky to “act” the special tasks. This sometimes requires internal coordination with technology or development and the joint search for an optimal solution.

Smarter? together! How our Technical Support makes our customers more successful through co-engineering

Basically the commitment of the four-member team is guided by the motto smarter togetherThe main goal is to support KSG customers through co-engineering and support so that they become even more successful in their respective market segments.

In addition: The earlier in the development process the person seeking help to Technical Support, the greater the benefit. With this support, the optimal solution is found that meets all requirements and quality criteria and functions stably without unnecessary bells and whistles.

Standards and guidelines are always adhered to. Technical support knows the important IPC standards, is aware of design for production and takes into account required isolation distances, temperature and RF design with controlled impedances and signal integrity. It supports the selection of the optimal PCB technology – from single-sided PCBs to multilayer PCBs, semiflexible and rigid-flexible PCBs to complex solutions such as high-frequency, HDI/SBU, thick copper, Iceberg®, HSMtec® or embedded.

KSG decided to set up this support line because we want to offer our customers and prospects the most personalized consulting service possible. Each PCB is as unique as the engineer who designs it. The more complex the PCB, the more individual will be the solution approach to realize the PCB. You can quickly get bogged down” knows Christof Sofsky, Head of Sales KSG Group. “However, with Technical Support involved as early as possible, you can be confident that an ideal PCB solution will emerge at the end of the day.

Christof Sofsky, Head of Sales

The Technical Support team assists the customer at every stage of the project.

This is what our technical support does

Once the customer or prospect has dialed extension 555 and obtained a comprehensive consultation, it ensures that

  • he is proactively alerted to potential weaknesses in the layout in good time,
  • the suitability of its printed circuit board for series production is given,
  • unnecessary correction loops in the layout can be avoided,
  • he can realize the shortest possible time-to-market,
  • unnecessary, costly special printed circuit board technologies are avoided
  • and thus unnecessary manufacturing costs can be avoided.

Introducing: The professionals of Technical Support

Herr Deiters, Technischer Support

Dirk Deiters

Dirk Deiters has been working in the printed circuit board industry for more than 30 years. Via responsible positions at well-known PCB manufacturers, his professional career led him to KSG in 2016 in the sales field service, where he was able to gain extensive customer experience. As a key interface between the customer and KSG, he joined the Technical Support department in early 2022. Dirk is burning for this new task – the constantly new challenges of our customers make his job interesting and varied.

Herr Hackel, Technischer Support

Johann Hackl

Johann Hackl dedicated himself to the printed circuit board more than 30 years ago. After completing his training as an electrician, he started as a production worker at what is now KSG Austria, later working in the CAM department and then in Customer Service. And he has already been able to gain a lot of experience in technical customer consulting over a long period of time. The fascination of developing technology with his counterpart still drives him today.

Herr Doberitzsch, Technischer Support

Thomas Doberitzsch

After completing his studies in information technology in Chemnitz, Thomas Doberitzsch gained many years of experience as a layouter, system administrator of hardware and software and as a system engineer in the telecommunications industry. Thomas has been with KSG since 2008. Over the past few years, he acquired extensive expertise in PCB manufacturing in the Technical Work Preparation department, which he now passionately passes on to layouters, developers and fans of the PCB.

Herr Meyer, Technischer Support

Uwe Meyer

Uwe Meyer comes from the field of electronics development, where he gained early experience in layout and PCB design. After professional detours into project planning and sales of computer networks as well as into the field of system administration, Uwe joined KSG in 2006 as a sales representative and worked in technical order preparation for the last 8 years. Uwe knows that true success lies in satisfied and successful customers. It’s a good thing that he can draw on a wealth of experience from customer contact and technical PCB know-how to achieve this goal.

Do you have questions about our technical support? Exchange ideas with us! We look forward to your comments.


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