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KSG starts plugging process in-house

PCB manufacturer KSG has introduced the plugging process for filling through and blind holes in its production. The higher integration densities possible with plugging lead to considerable space savings in SBU setups (SBU: sequential setup) and thus to fewer restrictions in the layout design of complex circuits (technology “via in pad” or “staggered/stacked microvia on buried via”).

KSG has opted for full-area, vertical vacuum filling due to the wide range of applications. In addition to through holes, this process can also be used to fill blind holes drilled mechanically or by laser quickly, reliably and with consistent reproducibility, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Other advantages over the conventional screen printing process include air bubble-free filling of the boreholes, high flexibility, lower paste consumption and filling of boreholes with more challenging borehole depths.

With the in-house process, we are expanding our capacities in addition to the option of external service that continues to exist. This increases our flexibility, which is entirely in the interest of our customers,” explains Christof Sofsky, Sales Manager at KSG.


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