KSG launches pcb-blog

pcb-blog is the name of the new company blog of PCB specialist KSG, which has been online since April. Here, everything revolves around the printed circuit board: From application examples and tips for designers to webinars and technical terms to news from the company and the industry, the blog shares valuable expertise.

The blog is accessible to everyone, clearly laid out and easy to use. “We deliberately set the content focus broadly,” explains Vanessa Bergelt, project manager and online marketing manager at KSG. We want to address all professionals and pick up on topics that inform our readers and offer clear added value,” emphasizes the project manager.

The articles are written by KSG employees and selected guests, each of whom brings expertise in a specific subject area. A weekly publication rhythm ensures that users will always find new content on the blog. In addition, further functions will be added, for example for multimedia content.

In addition to the social media channels LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook and Youtube, the blog offers PCB specialist KSG another communication platform with customers, suppliers and interested parties to provide information about topics from the company and the PCB world. Users not only get to know and understand KSG and its solutions better, but also stay up to date on industry developments.


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